House Rules

Character Creation

Back Story: You work for Bernadette La Croix at her general store. You can be new to Henne, but you must work for her.

Arcane Magic: It is possible to play am arcane caster, but you will need to keep the source of your powers secret until your compatriots have earned your trust. Pass it off as luck, divine intervention, or science.

Arcane casters may choose to use the rules for the Hidden Priest cleric archetype. Class specific losses apply:

  • Sorcerer: lose Eschew Materials
  • Wizard: lose Scribe Scroll
  • Magus: get a permanent -1 to Arcane Pool
  • Summoner: expend 1.5 hit points (rounded down) per hit point healed by Life Link
  • Witch: do not gain a Hex at level 1.

Psionics: Psionic characters are allowed.

Races: Goblins are playable.


New Quality | Oppressive: The settlement has a no tolerance policy towards either magic or religion, often putting those guilty of practicing to death. As a result, practitioners are in hiding (Corruption +1; Law +2; -2 Lore; -1 Society; Danger +10; decrease spellcasting level by 1)

House Rules

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