Henne, City of Locks

Down in the Storeroom

a new benefactor

Kallum, Collin, Thaedon, and Aldren stand over the crumpled figure of a woman. She looks smaller than she did inside the warped world of the goblin’s psyche. Her skin is pale, her frame slight, even fragile. “You were successful then,” comes a voice from the shadows. Three men step forward, two priests of Abadar in battle regalia, and Hadrian Tull, the high priest, clad in his flowing, ceremonial robes.

“Yes,” says Thaedon, a little uncertain, as the eyes of his comrades jump to him. “This is my employer,” he says finally.

“And I must apologize to your friends for my deceptions,” continues Tull, “Initially I hired Thaedon to keep an eye on you, Kallum.” He regards the half orc with a warm smile. “My stance on political issues is well know in Henne,” he says, casting a quick glance in Collin’s direction. “But I am not, as many think, a human supremacist,” he says, “and as you all know, Henne has bigger problems than race relations.”

“So, who’s the broad?” asks Collin, without skipping a beat. The two war priests exchange a look.

“That’s a big secret,” laughs Tull, “but I think we should be able to trust each other.” There’s a brief pause before he begins talking again. “Do you know,” he asks, at last, “about the Augur of Henne?” The heroes shrug. “It is a holy calling, to be the oracle of Abadar in Henne.”

“This witch is under the protection of the church?” erupts Kallum.

“Whatever you saw when you stepped through the mirror, it was not Kalapeth.” He steps towards the unconscious woman, kneels next to her and takes her hands in his. “She is utterly devoted,” he says, “but not beyond the power of Tesh.”

“The psionic emanations I sensed were powerful,” says Thaedon.

“We have suspected Tesh for some time,” sighs Tull, “but it was only after your raid on his compound that we had anything close to proof.” The high priest grins. “Reckless,” he says, “but wonderful work.”

To be continued…


Gudwig Gudwig

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