Kallum Darknessbane

The World's Greatest (to be) Monster Hunter

Level 3 HP 10
Class alchemist XP 0
Init +2 Senses Dark vision 60’
Speed 30 Perception +8
AC 15 Fort +5
Touch 12 Ref +5
Flat 13 Will +3
Str +2 Int +4
Dex +2 Wis +2
Con +2 Cha -1
Henne, City of Locks
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Influenced By
Jesse van Dijk’s Project Indigo
Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere
Terry Pratchett’s Ankh Morpork
Stephen King’s Derry

Kallum is the son of the mighty Orc warrior Urg. True, no one has ever heard of Urg before, but Kallum’s mom assures him that he was mighty. He was slain by a monster while on a hunt, which is why he was never there for Kallum growing up. This taught Kallum a valuable lesson: just being mighty is not enough. A normal person has no real chance against the darkness, and so Kallum has turned to SCIENCE to help him fulfil his destiny: being the world’s greatest monster hunter.

Kallum presents an odd, albeit mighty and above all awesome appearance. He stands 5’11" tall, and his obvious destiny stands nearly as tall as the turquoise spikes erupting from his head. His hair only grows on the left side of his head, as the right side is covered in a burn scar from a completely understandable lab accident in the pursuit of science. In order to lessen the impact of the scars, he imprinted a series of looping blue tribal tattoos across the dark grey skin, looping down through the scar tissue and across his face. His eyes are usually covered by the thick welder’s goggles he wears as part of his armor, but when they are off people can see the improvements he’s made to his physiology. His bright green irises are crisscrossed by streaks of red and yellow, breaking out of the circle on the right side and spilling over into the whites of his eyes. Burns across his face prevent him from growing eyebrows, so he has replaced them with shiny tin spikes. These both accentuate his professional monster hunter demeanor and help hold his goggles in place during explosions and other highly kinetic activity. A good luck charm dangles from his left ear, a bone shard that he has carved into a likeness of his sword. His right ear has been torn ragged by either a hellhound or a pet dog, depending on whose report you believe. To draw attention away from this slight deformity, Kallum has the chemical formula for his bombs tattooed around the ear in red ink.

The mighty hunter firmly believes that he should always be ready for anything, and so wears his armor at all times. He has crafted a set of leather armor specially for his purposes, complete with a set of straps on the back to hold his sword, a series of slots down his arms and legs to hold his vials in place, reinforced with steel so that they don’t rupture if struck. He wears a set of insulated leather gloves, hardened on the back for better protection for his hands. Inscribed into the leather across backs of the fingers is: Through Science, Victory, in Orcish. His armor is held in place by a series of mildly elastic straps to compensate for the slight expansion of his body whenever he utilizes his mutagens. His portable lab equipment is held in an Adventurer’s Satchel strung across his body.

In the rare situation when he is outside of his armor, his body is strangely textured from a series of metal balls and spikes he has implanted under his skin, giving him an odd, almost otherworldly look. The tribal tattoos end at his throat, but a variety of diagrams, drawings, and names crisscross his chest, arms, and legs, with a large bare spot over his heart covered only with the names Urg, Melissa (his Mother), and Treana(the woman he is destined for even though she doesn’t seem to realize it yet and makes a weird face whenever he says hello).

Kallum has a rocky relationship with most of the denizens of Henne. No matter how many people he attempts to save from monsters, they still don’t seem willing to accept his presence. he’s come to accept this as an inevitable part of his life…his very presence as guardian is a reminder that true Evil lurks in the shadows, so people would rather not be around him and be reminded of their own fragility. That’s obviously why parents freak out when their children are around him, or why people in general seem uneasy when he walks by. The life of a Hero is truly a lonely one…luckily he has his boon companion and confidant Rekki. 6 years ago, she was in danger of being consumed by a lich (or possibly night hag). Kallum was unable to overpower the fell beast, but the sounds of their epic confrontation were loud enough to bring the local constabulary running. The beast was forced to resume her guise as a kindly old washergoblin, and Kallum was charged with disturbing the peace, unlawful assault, improper use of detergent, resisting arrest, destruction of property, and general malfeasance. For his good deed he was sentenced to 4 weeks in the stocks, but earned a lifelong friend, and a complete mistrust of law enforcement personnel. They are tools of the system, totally blind to the danger that monsters pose to normal citizens, and completely incapable of understanding that he is not “dangerously unstable and continuing to persist in suicidal, insane experiments”, he is a hero that stands firm against the darkness.

Kallum Darknessbane

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