Gyralt the Bastard

  • bastard son of Allyfred
  • son of Luhtis the Elf
  • got Kallum and Bernadette arrested
  • currently in jail for conspiracy to commit murder

Allyfred of the Bells

Allyfred had a secret life. When he wasn’t advising the Council of Three he enjoyed the company of an elf woman named Luhtis. Despite his high profile, Allyfred was able to keep his lover secret, a feat made all the more impressive when she gave birth to a half elf son.

Twenty years passed and Allyfred’s dual life remained a secret. During this time Lady Jhengis, Allyfred’s wife, was unable to produce a male child. Fearing his place of power was in jeopardy, Allyfred decided it was time to reveal his son, Gyralt, ensuring his legacy in Henne.

Strange Coincidences

Not long before Allyfred was to present his son, Lady Jhengis fell ill. Many apothecaries were consulted, but none could save her. In the wake of her death, Luhtis and Gyralt moved in to Allyfred’s estate. Shortly after he had transferred his title and estate over to his new wife and son, Allyfred’s name was drawn to server on the Council of Three. Not long after that, he fell deathly ill. He did not die, however. He lies, catatonic, in his home, under the guard of his family’s faithful guard captain. His seat on the Council of Three is not currently occupied.

Fool Me Once…

Earlier this year, Gyralt played a nasty trick on Kallum Darknessbane. Gyralt convinced the young half orc that Bernadette la Croix, a prominent merchant, was a witch. Kallum broke into her home in the Goblin Quarter causing a lot of damage in the process. Both the goblin and half orc were arrested. Gyralt did apologize, but was not punished for his involvement. Bernadette does not hide her disgust for him, but his position as noble makes him all but untouchable.

Gyralt the Bastard

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