Bernadette "Detty" La Croix

Sole Proprietor of "La Croix Generale Shoppe and Tinxchures"


Bernadette, like most goblins in Henne, grew up in the squalor of The Goblin Quarter. As a child she would dig through the middens of the wealthy, looking for baubles to sell to her fellow goblins. This turned out to be good business. Before long she had moved her business up into The Muck and eventually into The Commons. It was here that Bernadette discovered she had a talent for cooking.

At first people were wary of her drinks, but, as word began to spread, Bernadette soon became one of the most wealthy merchants in the Commons. Her flagship drink, “Detty’s Generaley Goode Elyxer” became a favorite. At first Bernadette made no claim to the concoctions medicinal value. Soon more and more of her clients professed miraculous recoveries and fantastic luck after imbibing the draft.

Rumor traveled through all of Henne of Detty and her wonder tonic. The church dispatched a pack of deacons to assess the brew’s magical properties. When it was proved that the beverage had no eldritch qualities whatsoever, Bernadette was given leave to purchase a small space off the high street, close to the stars that led down to the Commons.

Bernadette had arrived. Sure, she’d spent most of her life in filth, but at least she was now able to enjoy some small luxury.

Bernadette "Detty" La Croix

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