Henne, City of Locks

Sessions 3 and 4

A new hero joins the group: Collin Raye, carpenter and combat prodigy, had been assigned to Detty’s shop for security and labor.

Exploring tunnels accessed through Detty’s locked hope chest, the party was introduced to The Between, a labyrinth of corridors and chambers burrowed into the Henne pillar. Collin learned the limits of human vision in the dark, and why two-handed weapons are inconvenient when you must carry a torch. After a refreshing morning workout of killing centipedes, Kallum, Rekki, and Collin discovered Safflower Rustmetal’s archaeological dig site. Safflower aided the party with a loan of maps, which Collin copied into his notes, but perplexingly did not need afterwards.

Moving on, the trio passed through the deserted Goblin Quarter and into a great chamber where the striking goblins were gathered. After assuring themselves that Bernadette was there of her own free will, and happily engaged in profitable pursuits, Kallum and Collin went to check out Gravel Spit. They found him hopelessly foundered in nostalgia, searching for an old barely-remembered song that he wanted the assemblage to sing.

Recognizing the odd behavior, Rekki joined a drum circle and the smoky incense and chanting brought her a vision confirming that Gravel Spit was being controlled by an outside agent.

Collin and Kallum successfully parlayed with the goblin chieftains, and with the bribe of an ancient jeweled dagger which Collin found in the tunnels, arranged for thousands of the goblins to leave the great chamber and return to the Goblin Quarter.

Working under the suspicion that Gravel Spit’s goblin chant will literally bring down the house, the party returned to the shop to begin their own search for the chant.


Give yourself 500 XP for that, Collin.

Nicely done.

Sessions 3 and 4
Gudwig Gudwig

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