Henne, City of Locks

Prior to Session 3

When we last left our team of do-gooders

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Sebastian and Thaedon had rushed to Harper’s Market to tell Kallum and Rekki that the General Store had been ransacked and Detty was missing. Kallum insisted he stay to inspect the disused garderobe, but Rekki was able to convince him to return to the store.

While they were picking through the debris, Twendle Garridge came rushing over to the store. He had come to warn Detty that a mob of goblins had stormed the Engineer’s Guild only moments earlier, ranting about equality and chanting the following song (in the Henne pidgin instead of their usual Goblin).

how does they like it if we does dis
take dem away all dem gobbos?
they know suffin be amiss
if we take all dem gobbos
no gongfermors to shovel dere stuff
no gobbo hands lifting fings up
how does they like it if we does dat
take dem away all dem gobbos?

Many goblins were abducted from their places of work that day, with even more afraid to come to work the following day. The Trade Chief called for a state of emergency, begging the Council of Three to send agents into the Goblin Quarter to expel all goblins from the city for good. Sadly, many anti-goblin groups have found that the city doesn’t run very well without goblin labor.

A goblin run group known as “De Ruff an Reddy Riot Boys” claimed responsibility for the disappearances. The next day they sent a spokesman to the Council to negotiate terms. He was promptly arrested and put in the pillory. After a few days his story remained the same: “All we wants is for you to give us some bit respek and not always be making us da slaves. When you ready to treat with Gravel Spit, den we come back to work.”

There were attempts to treat with Gravel Spit and to seek out his “Riot Boys” as the various militia groups in the city worked hard to fill the gap in labor. A spokesman for the goblin group visited Detty’s shop. He assured everyone that Detty was doing very well. He even brought a message from her to the group:

< Don’t fret, my beloved employees, I am not being mistreated. At least, if you don’t count the smell of Goblin Town as mistreatment. Gravel has a good heart, he’s just not very good with politics. I fear the authorities will not think highly of his methods. Nonetheless, I feel it is about time goblins were treated a bit better in Henne. As for the shop, please keep it open. I don’t want to come back to empty books! And Rekki, don’t let Kallum come after me, tossing bombs this was and that. I truly am doing fine.>

Yes, the goblin did recite all of that. He also handed Rekki an over-sized key which she recognized as one Detty carried with her always, although she had never seen her use it in any locks in the shop.

Anyway, over the next week the goblin situation overshadowed the drama surrounding Trader Shandelle and her anti-goblin rally (which came to a sudden end when Kallum began lobbing explosives at a large swarm of centipedes). In fact, Shandelle was relieved that the disaster slipped by almost unnoticed. There were a few who took notice, though. There were raids on a few homes in the Commons and the Muck by church officials looking for potential witches. Arrests were made, but no magic users were found.

As a show of good will, Trader Shandelle began sending her own employees to work, free of charge, in the place of the missing goblins. So it was that Collin Raye came to Detty’s shop, with papers informing the group that he was to work for them until Detty returned. Collin helped clean up the mess and continues to help organize the stock, proving himself a useful addition to the team and allowing Thaedon to fill in for Detty. To save Sebastian from the dung piles, Thaedon opened a contract with The Tunnel Militia, making Sebastian the shop’s permanent rent-a-cop. Rekki and Kallum have been working hard to build up their stocks of elixirs and ingredients. Everyone has been working hard together to keep up with the demand for Detty’s recipes and Kallum’s newfangled concoctions.


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