Henne, City of Locks

Hero's Journal 1000 ADr, Cycle 14, Day 7

Personal Scientific Journal, Experiment Log, and Chronicle of Kallum Darknessbane

It has become apparent to me that every good hero needs to work on his public relations campaign, because support from the populace is crucial to achieving his potential. To that end, my journal entry will be written in prose.

Woke up in the morning,
Brewed some fine extraction,
Then headed to the market,
listen to the racist faction.

Shandelle promising squab to all that come,
humans all get birds, the rest get none.

Bitch says nonhumans are dirty,
could be that’s true,
large patch of rock glimmers,
I know just what to do.

The wall be swarmin hot n heavy with centipedes,
It’s gotta be time for some heroic deeds.

As Rekki tries to pull stupid bitch away,
Giant centipede bursting through the wall,
Rocks go flying throughout the air,
Rock strikes the racist bint and she takes a fall.

With a snicker snack and some fire and acid,
we slaid the evil beast, made the market ’come placid.

As the dust settled we poked and prodded,
Rekki found a magic trail going down to the deep,
Then Spinner and Corporate Whore said our shop was trashed,
Bernadette is missing, it’s enough to make grown men weep.

When in doubt, just whip it out (fire that is, beeyotch).


Haha, I like it! Good thing Kallum seems to listen to Rekki sometimes!


You will, of course, all have a say as to what you were actually doing this passed week. For example, Josh texted me that he would be hell bent on finding Bernadette. When we are in session, we can decide how things went with respects to each character. Just wanted to throw some ideas out there, since we had to fill in some time between sessions.

Since a week passed in game, you’ll be able to level up your characters and earn money/craft.

Gudwig Gudwig

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