Henne, City of Locks

Hero's Journal 1000 ADr, Cycle 14, Day 6

Personal Scientific Journal, Experiment Log, and Chronicle of Kallum Darknessbane

1000 ADr, Cycle 13, Day 6

The life of a hero is a long and hard one, though a true hero will always persevere. I have been lax in my duty to record my thoughts and deeds for future generations to learn from, and have barely been able to keep up proper documentation of my experiments.

Experiments progressing well indeed. I have recently had a breakthrough in the composition of my extracts. The base polyhedral holding the chemicious humors in place has always decayed swiftly, breaking down into useless toxicity within a few heartbeats of applying electric catalyst. However, by making a few simple alterations to the base compounds, resulting in the production of methionylglutaminylarginyltyrosylglutamylserylleucylphenylalanylalanylglutaminyll-eucyllysylglutamylarginyllysylglutamylglycylalanylphenylalanylvalylprolylphenylalanylvalylthreonylleucylglycylasp-
in the substrate, I am able to stabilize my concoctions for as long as 24 hours without the expense that indefinite shelf life incurs. Additionally, by setting the resistors in parallel with the isometric concordance held within my gloves, I have been able to make my capacitrons hold a charge far more effectively, allowing me to generate more extractions within a 24 hour period.

This cheaper stabilization process has allowed me to further protect the populace of our fair town from the monsters that threaten them. I realize now that while slaying the evil that hurts people is of vital importance, it isn’t enough. There are too many monsters lurking in the dark to slay them all before they can hurt the Innocent, so I must do what I can to mitigate the damage they do. To that end Rekki has been absolutely indispensable. The good people of our fair town are understandably reticent to talk with me, as they are overawed by the sheer force of destiny exuding from me. My partner has been using her winning manner and innocent face to convince them that it is not an insult to my legend to accept non-slaying aid from me, and indeed, that doing so only helps our grand mission. My extractions have been able to make a solid dent in mortality among the poor, healing their wounds and sickness with a single gulp.

In the wake of my miraculous (to those not properly acquainted with my destiny) healing of the Bell Lord Whatever-his-name-is, business has been booming for my charlatan overlord, and my shelf stable extractions are selling almost as well. At long last, the wealthy are looking up from their gold-plated blinders to see what a genius I am, and have been turning to me for all manner of cures for their ills, injuries, and…marital inadequacies. Rekki is able to keep her distaste for them well hidden, and so has been further aiding me by acting as a go-between for my genius and their gold. Naturally, the proceeds of these sales are going to be put towards properly equipping our heroic band. I can feel in the pit of my legend that evil is lurking just over the horizon, ready to strike. It is in for a surprise…we will be ready to strike as well, even better than the strike evil is going to make. Even our brave, although currently undertrained and ill-equipped sign spinner has shown interest in learning the ways of heroing and monster-slaying. I have been training him personally in the remains of my free time, and he is progressing better than expected. At this rate, I am sure he will be a shield against the metaphoric night.

Addendum: metaphors are awesome!

What little time remains to me has been occupied in crafting weapons and equipment for the inevitable strike that the night is preparing for us. We will be ready, even if I have to work nonstop to be sure we will be. Patrolling is less frequent now, but I have taken pains to try to cover nearly as much ground as I used to cover, so that there is no loss of effectiveness.

A Hero’s work is never done, much as the sun can never stop shining, he must always beat back the darkness.
Further Addendum
Remember that metaphor for later.


Gudwig Gudwig

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