Henne, City of Locks

Perched Above the Defiled Church

what the cultists said

Rekki, Kallum, and Collin are crouched in a crawl space above entrance to a private chapel. Silently, they clamber to a bronze grating that looks down on the santuary. In pews below them, twenty robed figures sway. At the far end of the room, a painted dias supports a rusted altar and a throne. “Rise and feed, rise and feed, Reward the Faithful, rise and feed,” they chant. Presently the mantra fades and the cultists sit. A masked man wearing a silver crown rises from the throne and approaches the altar.

“The hour draws near,” says the priest, “when we will regain our inheritance.” It is clear to adventurers that this is not the Grand Mentalist of Henne. Collin, in fact, recognizes the man’s manurisms and cadence. They belong to a particular fruit vendor who has a cart near the city gates.

“Our high priests reach out with their minds,” he continues, “they scrape at the barriers of reality. Even now, their faithful servants work to translate the writings of our ancestors.” He raises his left hand, the copper ring on his index finger leveled at the altar. The assembled rise and do the same.

“One for the mind, one for body, one for the soul,” they chant. Intuitively, Rekki knows Mentalist De Loite must be “the mind.” Who, then, are body and the soul? The cultists file out in silence and the adventurers are able to make their escape undetected.
Days pass and Thaedon returns to Detty’s shop. The group share their findings with him. Thaedon has his own news. “I think I have a lead on ‘the soul,’” he says. He places a key on the table. “My master knows of a device excavated in the Between that allows those who use it to walk worlds beyond this one,” he says, “unlike De Loite, who is constantly surrounded by many guards, this device is not guarded.”


Gudwig Gudwig

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